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Other Exciting Party Ideas & Team Building Events

Zorb Cylinder Races


This starts efficiently on a tarp platform, but can also have an inflatable track! This is always a hit!

Zorb Cylinders in Pool


While floating in the zorb cylinder, you move in either direction like a hamster on a wheel.

Bumper Balls


Bumper balls are inflated all around you to simply protect! Bumper ball encases you so you can run into another without hurting them. This is a blast!



Tug-a-war is one of the old fashion picnic or party games in which everyone gets involved!

Balloon Toss


Balloon toss or egg toss, old fashion company picnic.

Team Building Ideas


Team building is very useful to companies and their staff as well as large groups of people. Not only is it a blast, but everyone learns more about others they work with. 300+ team building ideas.

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