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Recently I was asked to help out on a cancer survivor event.

Not knowing the budget or what they were looking for I had come up with some ideas.

  I like a dynamic event where people would want to get involved.  A dance floor and some Zumba dancing (dance-a-thon) / yoga / exercise on the floor would be great. A cancer walk / hike... I have large inflatable start & finish arches we can put a banner on. I can bring the music and system also. Tug-a-war symbolizes a fight as a team, such as what the cancer patients have or are going through. Some team building events symbolize people working together to solve the problem. I have some great ideas for this. We can add some water cylinders in case it gets hot out. Do you think you can et everyone at the event on time at the same time, or will everyone show up individually on their own time? Do you have any kind of budget that I can go by? I also have many 10X10 canopies & tables & chairs. How many would we need?   The rock climbing walls can signify the individuals battle. Let me know what your thinking, so I can move forward in a direction with the proposal. Mike

We want to understand the event goals!

Interaction between people is key, you cant have people come to the event without talking to others & staying into their little corner, all by themselves.

Your event doesn't have to be fancy & expensive to be successful!

Lets talk to create a great event for you.

Health fair event ideas in IE OC & LA areas

Rock climbing walls mobile & portable.


Rock climbing walls that travel to your event, belong at health fairs, for mental, physical properties. We can bring up to 4 mobile rock climbing walls.

Hang time pull up competition (This is big!)


Win a 1$100 if you can stay on (hang on)  for 100 seconds. This is very tough! A major crowd gatherer. Reasonably priced and doesn't take much space.

Active team building and competitions.


Health fairs are raving about your effective teambuilding exercises. Get many people involved in fun skits.

Jousting and many other inflatables.


Competitions drive attention at health fairs. 

Large obstacle course, mud run, etc.

Large obstacle course is a great why to create interest at health fairs. 

Accessories, canopies, chairs, tables, etc.


We have all the extras for your event to make it look great! Canopies, tables and chairs, banners, race arches, RFID race timing systems. 

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