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Company Picnics are great with Socal Party Rentals Company Picnics in Riverside

Since 1999


We are the perfect fit for company picnics in the Riverside, CA or socal area.

Have you ever been to a boring company picnic?


There was nothing to do but drink or eat? You just can't waait for the raffle so you can leave.

Your people need to be involved with each other in a fun and productive way.


The company is spending a lot of $$$ to have the picnic. Bringing employees and their families closer together for better atmosphere in the work place

Company picnics are supposed to be productive and enjoyable!


Company Picnics in Riverside, Company Picnics in Orange Don't just hire a party rental service, hire someone who brings it all together for you with teambuilding in Orange and Riverside Counties.

A big moment!


Emotion is the grand daddy of them all! You need to have that big moment at your event.

Results of the company picnic.


  1. • Employees can bring family members – fun for all ages!
  2. • Excellent for teambuilding
  3. • Great morale builder
  4. • Strengthens company’s culture
  5. • Keeps workers refreshed and engaged
  6. • Allows owners/bosses to show appreciation for employees
  7. • They’re fun
  8. • Well, because who doesn’t love food & games?


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